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Work with the Local CVB to Help Drive Revenue

It sounds crazy, but hear me out. The local community is the primary driver of revenue in a regional casino resort. What happens to your regional casino revenue when the local economy contracts? Revenues usually fall pretty sharply. What happens when the local economy is strong, and jobs abound? Most regional properties will notice a significant uptick in revenue per head. So, is it reasonable to suggest that regional casino operators have some skin in the game as it relates to tourism in the area? I'd say so.

Create a partnership with your local CVB to help drive incremental revenue for your property. Compete in the bid process to bring large conventions to your area that will utilize not only your hotel and property amenities but possibly those in neighboring communities. Is your hotel too small to book large conferences? No problem, work with the CVB to find trusted hoteliers and transportation partners. As the size and frequency of events grow, local businesses may be able to hire more employees or start paying current employees more - conventions can help to jumpstart this in your local community. The result is that local employees are likely to play, stay, and dine at your property which serves to increase your revenues. There are multiple payoffs for the property, such as increased revenue-generating activity from consumers in your area, revenue from convention sales, and a newly found positive image in your local community. It's truly a win-win.

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