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Service Marketing Triangle Explained

Create an award-winning service culture through the effective use of the service marketing triangle. As seen in the image, the company interacts with its team members and guests through internal and external marketing. The guest and team members interact through interactive marketing. The external marketing efforts include the traditional 4Ps of marketing which details what the guest can expect of the brand and how the service (product) can be delivered. Internal marketing consists of effective communication, training, and motivation of team members. The interaction between team members and guests is often referred to as interactive marketing. Interactive marketing is where the actual service delivery takes place and is the practice of an established set of standards for providing exceptional guest service. External marketing is where the company makes a promise to the guest. Interactive marketing is keeping those promises while internal marketing is where team members are enabled to provide complete guest satisfaction. There is no part of the service marketing triangle that is more important than the other. All three components must work together in tandem to deliver exceptional guest service.

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