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Your Casino Should Have A Second Screen Strategy

It is not unusual for adults in the U.S. to be tethered to a second screen even during live broadcasts. Consumers continually seek ways to find information quickly, which involves the use of a second device; hence, the term second screen. There are various definitions of what constitutes a second screen, but let's use the term in its most general form: a second screen is the use of a computing device that is used to enhance the TV experience. As consumers seek out more information about your brand, you should have a strategy to serve more relevant advertising content to enhance the brand and compress the time between various stages in the buying cycle.

A recent report from illustrates that there will be a continual increase in 2021 of users who simultaneously use internet-connected devices and TV. As of 2018, the 45-65+ age group accounted for 44.9% of simultaneous usage; it is not just a Gen Z or Millennial trend. As the household penetration of Smart TVs continues to rise so will the complexity of advertising; however, it also means that marketers will be provided with more opportunities to execute a second screen strategy. The overall brand experience and consumer interaction with your brand should be a top priority. What does the consumer see when they search for your brand or keywords after viewing an ad on TV? Do they see irrelevant content? Does the copy and creative speak to them personally? It should. Here’s why: consumers are no longer interested in being talked at with traditional mass advertising efforts, but prefer genuine one-on-one conversations with brands which is why online visits to social media sites are on the rise. Social media gave consumers a voice and a place where marketers can close the feedback loop without relying on expensive guest surveys and focus groups. Social media for the win! But, what about enhancing the TV experience?

Television advertising alone does not have the same impact it once had; when savvy marketers embrace the change and develop a second screen strategy that targets the audience shortly after or as their creative airs, consumers are 72% more likely to convert in the next 24 hours. Use the time consumers are spending on their second screens to show creative that speaks to them and that will reinforce the brand message. Better yet, target them with personalized creative and a call-to-action. The available technology of today was unheard of in the past and the mere thought would be considered "eccentric futurist talk." It sounds like something from science fiction – IP targeting, programmatic, addressable TV, and the list goes on.

Suppose you are running a new member TV spot in a particular market, why not use that as an opportunity to send advertisements for online newsletter signups, club membership benefits, new games on the floor, and other encouragements to visit your property and signup for your club. Target those users with what is most likely going to drive the first trip. At this stage in the buying cycle, the user has been made aware of your property and is now seeking information so put your best foot forward; give them a reason to visit. Show them what you have to offer and why they should pass other casinos to get to your front door. (Calm down marketing reinvestment people, I am not advocating for overinvestment, but make it worth their efforts.) Another example, a consumer is watching a football game and your property airs a spot featuring the newest sportsbook offering; make sure to serve them with advertisements featuring the sportsbook operation and/or a matching offer for their first bet online.

There is a myriad of ways to ensure that you are reaching the right audience and you should ensure that the message resonates! An effective second screen strategy is paramount to realizing the success of your TV advertising campaign. Use the distraction that is already in the hand of your consumer to create an immersive brand experience that not only gets attention but converts to revenue. Remember the adage 50 percent of advertising works, but the problem is in determining which 50 percent? Well, casino marketers, here is your chance to test, increase targeting precision, and reduce marketing waste. Get creative, embrace the cross-device approach of marketing in the digital age, and turn distractions into opportunities to connect with your audience.

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